Portrait of Matthew Huff

Matt Huff’s Publication – High Quality Reference Genome for Fraxinus pennsylvanica

Recently, research associate, Matthew Huff, published an article titled “A high quality reference genome for Fraxinus pennsylvanica for ash species restoration and research”. The Fraxinus pennsylvanica, green ash tree, is distributed across North America, and due to a small percentage of these native trees remaining healthy, they are known as the “lingering ash”. To read the full article and find out more on the research being conducted on Fraxinus pennsylvanica, visit here.

Rebecca Butler in Field

Entomology Students Attend the 2021 Annual Entomological Society of America Meeting

The Entomological Society of America held its annual meeting October 31 – November 3, 2021, in Denver, CO. Several of our entomology graduate students attended this professional meeting to present their current research, network, and more. While in attendance, a few of our students, Rebecca Butler, Corey Day, and Kassie Hollabaugh, received an award! We would like to congratulate all of the attending students for their outstanding work!