two soybean leaves held in hand

Monitoring Diseases and Fungicide Sensitivity

    Soybean farmers rely on a combination of cultural practices, variety resistance and fungicides to manage diseases. Heather Kelly, professor and Extension specialist with the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, leads research to provide farmers the information they need to effectively use these tools. “We’ve developed and adapted our sentinel plot program to monitor soybean diseases and the pathogens’ sensitivity to common fungicides,” she says. “We also screen soybean varieties to understand their levels of disease resistance and fungicide efficacy to equip farmers to make sound management decisions.” The Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board invests checkoff dollars in supporting Kelly’s research. Each year, she works with county Extension agents and farmers to monitor 10 to 12 sentinel plots in

A photo of the Kelly Lab Members at the Southern Division APS 2022 Meeting

The Kelly Lab Attends the 2022 Southern Division APS Meeting

    The Southern Division of the American Phytopathological Society (APS) is a scientific society that is committed to innovating plant pathology research. The Kelly Lab recently attended the 2022 Southern Division APS Meeting in Chattanooga, TN. This meeting was the 99th annual meeting held by the Southern Division. The students attended a career workshop, presented their research, and were able to meet with other fellow students and post-docs.