The Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology

Our mission is to advance scientific knowledge and to provide science-based information to improve the sustainability of food
and fiber production, protection of natural resources and the lives of all the people in Tennessee and across the world.

The Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology strives to provide innovative, inclusive, high quality graduate education in the fields of entomology, plant pathology, and bioinformatics. Faculty consider the teaching program pivotal to the departmental mission, and they teach all courses, whether undergraduate or graduate level, with graduate teaching assistants or other graduate students providing assistance in some lab sections.

The faculty have a strong commitment to personalized instruction. The faculty teaching programs feature extensive hands-on laboratory instruction where space permits and hands-on experiential learning in most lectures. Students have a multitude of opportunities to gain significant teaching experience in the department’s academic program. We provide a unique student experience for graduate students that is aimed at developing appropriate professional skills of students to prepare them for their future career, and our students incorporate these experiences into their graduate Plan of Study.

Faculty members are committed to improving the quality of life of Tennesseans by promoting the beneficial aspects of insects and other organisms and mitigating the negative impacts that insects and plant pathogens have on food and fiber production, human and animal health, and the quality of human life. The unique blend of discovery, development, application, and dissemination of research-based information is designed to solve the entomological and plant health problems of our citizens in urban, rural, and industrial environments. The faculty is committed to developing and making available to the public, economically feasible and environmentally safe technologies and methodologies for minimizing damage caused by insects and plant diseases on the animals and plants.

The Entomology & Plant Pathology Department is grateful to have been a part of your educational experience. Your ongoing support is essential for our continued success. Thanks to our donors, this is a time of unparalleled success for our department. With your support, we can achieve continued greatness.