I joined the Entomology and Plant Pathology Department in July 1992. I received my Ph.D. at The Ohio State University under the supervision of Dr. Franklin R. Hall in the Department of Entomology, where my dissertation was on “fruit quality sampling, record keeping and packing line data in Ohio apple orchards.” Since joining UT Extension with a 100% Extension appointment, I have provided leadership for educational programs in insects and mites affecting turf, ornamental plants, forests, Christmas trees, fruits, vegetables and tobacco. This includes assisting Extension agents with their educational programs, as well as implementing a state-wide educational program in entomology. The introduction of new invasive pests has become an ever increasing problem that requires a major educational effort.


Research focus

I am a member of the Thousand Canker Disease of Walnut team and the Combating Rose Rosette team. I am on a graduate student committee where the student is studying the insect and mite pests of hemp.


Extension and Outreach focus

I am State Survey Coordinator for the Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey. This USDA funded program helps us survey for potential exotic insects, mites, weeds, and diseases. I am a primary contact for the Southern Plant Diagnostic Network region of the National Plant Diagnostic Network which supports plant pest diagnostics at the UT Soil, Plant and Pest Center. I provide entomological support for county Extension agents, producers and managers in their work with insect and mite pests affecting horticultural crops. First detector and master gardener training have also been a primary focus.

I have reached my target audiences by mass media, social media, group meetings, email, phone calls, field visits and office visits. Funding for these programs has come from Extension funds, fee based programs, USDA grants, and Southern Region IPM grants. I have supported the work of the Soil, Plant and Pest Center by assisting with plant insect and mite diagnoses in the lab and via Distance Diagnostics.


Teaching focus


frank hale

office (615) 835-4571
EPP Nashville office (615) 832-6802

Soil, Plant and Pest Center
5201 Marchant Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

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B.S., Biology, University of Cincinnati
M.Ag., Entomology, Clemson University
Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Professional appointment
100% Extension

Graduate program concentrations
Sustainable Disease and Integrated Pest Management Systems

Areas of expertise
Insect and mite diagnosis and management

Turfgrass, ornamental plants, invasive pests, crape myrtle bark scale, spotted wing drosophila, emerald ash borer, insect diagnosis, social media, extension


Current lab members




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