a hand holding a Colorado potato beetle

Graduate Student Spotlight: Swati Mishra

    After receiving her undergraduate degree in Biotechnology in India, Swati joined the department as a master’s student. However, time has flown since then. Swati is now a third-year Ph.D. student with a concentration in Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Molecular Interactions. With her course requirements being complete, she is now entirely focused on her research. Therefore, you will usually find her working in the Jurat-Fuentes Lab throughout the day. While in the lab, you can find her working through her research question, “What mechanisms are involved in resistance against insecticidal double-stranded RNAs (dsRNAs) in Colorado potato beetle”. “Double-stranded RNAs are the latest class of insecticides that act by silencing important insect genes via RNA-interference (RNAi) pathway.” She explained that one

Julian Cosner while in the field doing research

Julian Cosner Selected as SEC Emerging Scholar

In 2021, the SEC Emerging Scholars Program was established to provide professional development and networking opportunities for current doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers who are considering careers in higher education. The Emerging Scholars Program encourages top scholars to seek employment and mentorship within the SEC. Each SEC member school was tasked with selecting up to 10 individuals to participate in the first workshop. The University of Tennessee had 45 outstanding nominees, and 10 were selected. Julian Cosner, a Ph.D. student under the tutelage of Dr. Grant, has been announced as one of the 10 participants! This is an impressive accomplishment. Congratulations Julian! 

Rufus Akinrinlola

Rufus Akinrinlola Announced as Recipient of Corteva DELTA grant

Rufus Akinrinlola, a Ph.D. student under the tutelage of Dr. Kelly, has been announced as a recipient of the Corteva DELTA grant! The Corteva Developing Emerging Leaders and Talent in Agriculture (DELTA) program provides support to diverse talent and their research focusing on sustainable and reliable food production. Rufus participated in a research symposium, showcasing his research in nematode populations in soybeans and how they affect cover crops and Nitrogen fixation. Congratulations Rufus! Well-deserved.

BHM Weekly Highlight– Frederick McKinley Jones & Dr. Gladys West

This week, the Diversity and Inclusion committee is introducing two more scientists that have contributed to American culture, specifically technology. We are highlighting Frederick M. Jones and Dr. Gladys West for their impact on technology both domestic and global. Jones’s innovations revolutionized the refrigeration industry and Dr. West’s research was vital to modern technology, from GPS in phones to precision farming.