2021 Buggy Buffet Cancelled

Buggy Buffet is an annual event that involves students from UT’s First-Year Studies class “A Bug’s Life”. Over the years, this event presented a selection of menu items that feature insect-based ingredients. For example, during the annual event in 2019, some of the students truly enjoyed ants-on-a-log while others ate chocolate chirp cookies and drank a banana bug smoothie. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 virus, the 2021 Buggey Buffet event has been canceled. We are hoping to host another Buggy Buffet soon!  

13th Annual Buggy Buffy (Insect Smorgasbord)

A FREE insect-tasting event, sponsored by the students of FYS 129 (“A Bug’s Life”) and our department! Lots of buggy-dishes to sate your appetite, such as mealworm wontons, chirpin’ chili, bug-b-que, and many others!
The winners for the 2019 UT Creepy Crawly Photo Contest will be announced during the event, and there will also be a silent auction to raise money for our department.