Flies and Death: My Career in Forensic Entomology and Current Entomological Research at the “Body Farm”

Dr. Charity Owings, a Haslam Postdoctoral Fellow, earned a Ph.D. in biology from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis. Dr. Owings is characterizing the insect biodiversity at the Anthropology Research Facility, and her overall research aims to refine time since death estimations using various arthropods. Dr. Owings will give an overview of her current research program, as well as share her experiences that have brought her to conduct research at the “Body Farm.” Watch the recording here: https://tennessee.zoom.us/rec/share/mTweYgd1WdGaosfT0I0Z67Zgv9kKpdWm44X6ITBc2hf8jNTisfJosLFDrbRIrW8s.eZKEXz9bIArGasS_?startTime=1613143766000