So You Want to Go on the Job Market: Strategies for Applying and Negotiating Your First Major Job

During this session, students will learn best practices for writing cover letters, navigating their first interviews, and negotiating salaries for their first job. It will focus on faculty and staff positions in academia as well as corporate, government, and nonprofit roles. This session will be in coincide with the Graduate School and the Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week. Please register for the event here

2021 Awards for EPP!

Recently, awards of all kinds have been bestowed to many of our wonderful individuals throughout our department and beyond. To just take a moment and be proud, please take a look at this HUGE list of achievements: *Pictures in order of appearance. Not pictured: Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Jessica Krob. Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee was selected as the 2021 winner of the Dr. Marva Rudolph Diversity and Inclusion Unit Excellence Award, which recognizes a unit or department that has demonstrated outstanding leadership and made consistent contributions to advancing diversity and inclusion at UT. Dr. Scott Stewart was selected for the Entomological Society of America (ESA) Southeastern Branch Award for Excellence in Integrated Pest Management Award. This award recognizes

Putting Professionalism in Practice Under Pressure

During this session, we will discuss the concept of “professionalism” in various contexts and examine ways that graduate students can embody a professional identity without compromising their authenticity in the process. We will also provide best practices on communicating your skills to others, building strategic networks to foster your success, and maintaining a professional demeanor through times of adversity.   Please register for the webinar here

Getting PhinisheD: Developing Resilience While Completing Grad School as People of Color

A panel discussion of diverse faculty and staff will share their experiences while pursuing their degree programs. While everyone is invited to attend, the focus will be centered on challenges faced by graduate/professional students of color. Our panelists are Ferlin McGaskey, director of faculty development; Lamar Bryant, assistant dean of students; Sharon Jean-Philippe, associate professor of urban forestry; and Lisa Parker, senior lecturer and assistant director of language and world business.   Please register for the event here

Graduate Student Spotlight from the Office of Research and Engagement

Last week, the Office of Research and Engagement interviewed one of our students and featured them in the recent graduate student spotlight. Please look below for a snippet of their newsletter and be sure to click the link below for the full story!     A newsletter from the Office of Research and Engagement     Matthew Longmire grew up on his family farm in Clinton, TN, so it was no surprise that he became interested in research on agricultural systems. The fact that he can do this while incorporating another life-long fascination—bugs—is just the icing on the cake. Longmire is a graduate student in entomology and plant pathology at the UT Institute of Agriculture, and his research studies the


TES Student Paper Winners!!

  The Forty-seventh Annual Conference of the Tennessee Entomological Society was held on October 9th, 2020. The event kicked off with a student paper competition, graduate and undergraduate. We are pleased to announce that the victors from both categories were from our department! Please give recognition and praise to our hard-working researchers:                           Graduate Competition 1st Place: Swati Mishra, PhD Student– Characterization of resistance to insecticidal double-stranded RNA in a Colorado potato beetle population 2nd Place: Gary Edwards, MS Student– Distribution of the odorous house ant, Tapinoma sessile, clades in East Tennessee and potential cryptic species status Undergraduate Competition: 1st Place: Marlo Black, EPP undergraduate– The common bed bug, Cimex