Population Genetics of the Socially Parasitic Ant Solenopsis daguerrei

Our departmental seminar speaker this week (Friday, April 9, 2021) is Allyson Dekovich, who will be presenting her M.S. Proposal Seminar titled “Population Genetics of the Socially Parasitic Ant Solenopsis daguerrei.” Join us at 10:30 am EST/9:30 am CST on Friday via the Zoom link information that is provided at the end of this message. Seminar Abstract: Ants are miniscule creatures in size, yet are massive in terms of their ecological roles and contributions to our knowledge of various biological processes. Ants form complex societies and their social lifestyles have been the subject of numerous theoretical and empirical studies of kin selection and altruism, evolution of social behavior, rapid evolution to changing environments, coevolution and species interactions, and community ecology. Ants