2021 Awards for EPP!

Recently, awards of all kinds have been bestowed to many of our wonderful individuals throughout our department and beyond. To just take a moment and be proud, please take a look at this HUGE list of achievements: *Pictures in order of appearance. Not pictured: Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Jessica Krob. Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee was selected as the 2021 winner of the Dr. Marva Rudolph Diversity and Inclusion Unit Excellence Award, which recognizes a unit or department that has demonstrated outstanding leadership and made consistent contributions to advancing diversity and inclusion at UT. Dr. Scott Stewart was selected for the Entomological Society of America (ESA) Southeastern Branch Award for Excellence in Integrated Pest Management Award. This award recognizes


Did you miss November’s Mic/Nite? See videos of the great PechaKucha-style talks by faculty discussing their research and join us at the next Mic/Nite on March 11. Access the videos and register for the next event at micnite.utk.edu.

A collection of various beetles ranging from black to blue to emerald green

What Dung Beetles Tell Us About Climate Change

Kimberly Sheldon, assistant professor in the UT Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, will kick off the spring 2020 Science Forum lecture series with “What Dung Beetles Tell Us About Climate Change” Friday, January 24. Dung beetles are intriguing, charismatic beetles with great significance to humans. In ancient times, they were considered sacred by Egyptians. Today, we benefit from the variety of ecosystem services that dung beetles provide, including nutrient cycling, waste removal, and secondary seed dispersal. In her presentation, Sheldon will use dung beetles to understand how environmental temperatures have shaped the physiology and distributions of tropical and temperate species. She applies this information to understand the impacts of climate warming on ecological communities across latitude with the goal