Portrait of Sarah Boggess

Sarah Boggess Honored with 2022 Commission for Disability Advocate Award

  The Chancellor’s Honors Banquet is an annual event recognizing outstanding service and achievements of students, faculty, and staff. Sarah Boggess attended the banquet and was honored with the 2022 Commission for Disability Advocate award. Congratulations to you for winning this honorary award! To read more about Sarah and what volunteering means to her, please visit https://honorsbanquet.utk.edu/2022-commission-for-disability-advocate-award/.      

Portrait Dr. Denita Hadziabdic-Guerry

Denita Hadziabdic Guerry Honored with Faculty Research Mentor Award

  The Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement (EURēCA) is an annual event that showcases research and creative activities across all disciplines by currently enrolled undergraduate students in collaboration with a University of Tennessee, Knoxville or UTIA faculty mentor. This year, the 26th annual EURēCA event was held in person on April 25, 2022, in the Student Union Ballroom. During the event, students presented their individual, group, or classroom. The awards ceremony, hosted on May 2, 2022, recognized staff, faculty, and students across many disciplines. Dentia Hadziabdic Guerry, assistant professor within the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, is the winner of the Faculty Research Mentor Award. This award honors a faculty member that demonstrates what it means to

finger pointing to honey bees on a frame

Tsuruda Attends the 2022 Organic Farming and Gardening Field Day

  On April 28th, the 2022 Organic Farming and Gardening Field Day event was held at the East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center (ETREC) Organic Crops Unit. UT faculty and staff, as well as other experienced personnel, gave presentations to the public on a variety of topics, ranging from alley cropping agroforestry for vegetable production to creating pollinator habitats in gardens. EPP Assistant Professor and Extension Apiculture Specialist Dr. Jennifer Tsuruda, one of the featured speakers at the event, engaged the participants with her pollinator jokes while informing them about science-based information to help create pollinator habits in their home gardens and farms. The importance of site preparation and the need for research on the nutritional value of different plant

flyer detailing 2022 Herbert College award winners

Herbert College of Agriculture Annual Awards

  “The mission of the Herbert College of Agriculture is to prepare students for careers in agriculture, natural resources, and other arenas. We recognize excellence of our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and supporters through our annual awards.” On April 22, 2022, the Herbert College of Agriculture recognized some outstanding faculty, staff, students, and alumni for their accomplishments at the annual award ceremony. We would like to recognize and thank two of the award winners, Drs. Terry Niblack and Alan Windham, for their valuable contribution to science. Distinguished Alumni Award – Dr. Terry Niblack is a distinguished graduate of the University of Tennessee, first with a double major B.S. (’76) in Horticulture/Agricultural Education and an M.S. (’82) in Entomology & Plant

Student Spotlight: Rufus Akinrinlola

  Rufus Akinrinlola was born and raised in Southwest Nigeria. While in his home country, he also received his undergraduate degree in microbiology. Before enrolling as a Ph.D. student within the Entomology and Plant Pathology Department (EPP), he attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) to receive his master’s in plant pathology. During his time at UNL, he studied under the supervision of Professor Gary Yuen and Dr. Tony Adesemove. Akinrinlola mentioned that under their leadership, he learned “to treat everyone like family” and to “always be available ad create time for mentees”. Akinrinlola, a fourth-year Ph.D. student with a concentration in Sustainable Disease and Integrated Pest Management, has researched the answers to many questions related to his studies. His latest

Rebecca Butler

Rebecca Butler Selected as Recipient of the 2022-2023 Yates Dissertation Fellowship

  Congratulations to Rebecca Butler as she has been selected as a recipient of the 2022-2023 Yates Dissertation Fellowship. The Yates Dissertation Fellowship Endowment is a legacy of the generosity of the estate of Arthur E. Yates and has been established since 2000. Yates was the former president of Yates Bleachery Company and a friend of the University of Tennessee. To read more about the fellowship, please visit tiny.utk.edu/graduate-fellowships. Rebecca, congratulations again on receiving this prestigious award. It’s a well-deserved success.   Portions of this article are courtesy of The Graduate School.

a transparent collage of images that have the wording UT Research Foundation Innovation Awards written across the images

EPP Members Recognized At UT Research Foundation Innovation Awards

  “The University of Tennessee Research Foundation (UTRF) is an organization that promotes the commercialization of UT intellectual property, encourages an entrepreneurial culture, contributes to state and regional economic development, and promotes research and education to benefit the people of Tennessee and beyond.” Recently, UTRF celebrated the work of several faculty and staff during the UTRF Innovation Awards luncheon. We would like to congratulate the many individuals in our department that were recognized at the event. Listed below are the EPP faculty and staff award winners and collaborating colleagues that were recognized in the respective categories:   Recent Licenses: Robert Trigiano, Sarah Boggess, and Phillipp Wadl; Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes, Heba Abdelgaffar, and Rafael Ferreira Dos Santos Recently Issued Patents: Robert

Study Reveals High Genetic Diversity, Mutation, and Migration Rates of Bradford Pear

  Pyrus calleryana Decne. (Callery pear) is a deciduous tree native to China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. It is a popular ornamental tree in the United States (US) with early spring blooms and vibrant fall color. There are at least 26 cultivars of P. calleryana available in the US of which “Bradford” is the most well-known. Open-pollinated P. calleryana escapees are becoming one of the most common invasive tree species in the eastern United States. Developing better management practices for invasive P. calleryana requires detailed knowledge about reproductive biology and genetic diversity of the species, however, little is currently known about genetic variability within those open-pollinated populations. We investigated genetic diversity and population structure of non-cultivated, escaped P. calleryana populations

Julian Cosner while in the field doing research

Julian Cosner Featured in 2022 Spring issue of Our Tennessee

  Doctoral candidate Julian Cosner has been featured in the 2022 Spring issue of Our Tennessee. In the article “Nipping it in the Bud”, Julian discusses his research and how he wishes to provide research-based information that helps farmers. Cosner is advised by Dr. Jerome Grant and has a concentration in Sustainable Disease and Integrated Pest Management. To read more about Cosner and his work, visit https://our.tennessee.edu/2022/nipping-it-in-the-bud/.

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EPP Members Received UTK GSS Awards

  Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week (GPSAW) is an opportunity to show our gratitude to graduate and professional students for their work and contributions to the university. The 2022 GPSAW will take place April 4 – 9 and will consist of events held by multiple departments and colleges throughout campus. During this week, the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) and The Graduate School will also be hosting an award ceremony to recognize students, staff, and faculty award recipients for their outstanding work and accomplishments. We are happy to announce three members of our department who will receive awards at the 2022 Graduate Student Senate Awards Reception: Trinity Hamm, Sarah Boggess, and Kassie Hollabaugh. We would like to thank them each