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UTIA Computational Genomics Consulting and Equipment

Do you have questions about running a computational process for genomics data? Is the process new to you, or are your systems unable to process a job of this scale? We are available to help!

General Consultations

Dr. Meg Staton and her lab offer computational genomics consulting to all faculty, staff, and students at UTIA. The consulting is led by Matt Huff, M.Sc., a research associate with over 4 years of experience in bioinformatics consulting and a Ph.D. candidate.

If you have any questions about a computational analysis, we offer weekly office hours. If you would prefer to meet through Zoom or at a different time, contact or to obtain a Zoom link.

Office Hours Fall 2021: Tuesdays from 1 to 2:30 PM, PBB 118.

Meg Staton

Meg Staton

Matt Huff

Portrait of Matthew Huff

Data Analysis Support

Past consulting has included these topics:

  • Genome or Transcriptome Assembly
  • Gene Annotation
  • Differential Expression Analysis
  • Variant Calling (SNPs, InDels, SVs)
  • Generating SSR Markers
  • Small RNA Analysis
  • How to Order Sequencing (Platform, Depth, Price, etc.)

If what you need isn’t on the list, we are still happy to meet with you and talk through possible support options.

Computational Support

  • Software Installation on Linux
  • Using ISAAC
  • R and Python Scripting
  • Workflow Development with Nextflow

UTIA Computational Resources: Our New Equipment

We are excited to announce the UTIA Computational Resources, which consists of two new computers dedicated to intensive computational projects:

diagram of equipment
  • Centaur ( 96 Cores, 512 Gb RAM, 200 Tb iSCSI storage.
  • Sphinx ( 64 Cores, 512 Gb RAM, 70 Tb SSD storage.

Our goal is to provide a more flexible system than what is currently available with ISAAC; you will not be required to run jobs through a scheduling system. 

We require anyone who wants to use these resources to go through an orientation presentation. Contact us at or to schedule your orientation. General documentation, tutorials, and FAQs can be found on our GitHub wiki


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