Photo of tomatoes with text. Sample Budget for Large-Scale Commercial Bell Pepper Operations. Margarita Velandia, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics Zachariah Hansen, Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology Annette Wszelaki, Department of Plant Sciences Ty Wolaver, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Sample Budget for Large-Scale Bell Pepper Operations

    Zachariah Hansen, assistant professor and Extension specialist in the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, collaborated with colleagues within the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture to publish a sample budget for large-scale commercial bell pepper operations. To view the sample budget, visit

two soybean leaves held in hand

Monitoring Diseases and Fungicide Sensitivity

    Soybean farmers rely on a combination of cultural practices, variety resistance and fungicides to manage diseases. Heather Kelly, professor and Extension specialist with the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, leads research to provide farmers the information they need to effectively use these tools. “We’ve developed and adapted our sentinel plot program to monitor soybean diseases and the pathogens’ sensitivity to common fungicides,” she says. “We also screen soybean varieties to understand their levels of disease resistance and fungicide efficacy to equip farmers to make sound management decisions.” The Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board invests checkoff dollars in supporting Kelly’s research. Each year, she works with county Extension agents and farmers to monitor 10 to 12 sentinel plots in

a group of people sitting in chairs in a large space while Dr. Karen Vail presents

8th Annual Bed Bug, Cockroach, and Rodent Meeting

    On August 3rd, the 8th Annual Bed Bug, Cockroach, and Rodent Management Meeting was held at the UT Conference Center. The event, which Extension Urban Entomologist Karen Vail organized, provided pest management professionals, housing personnel, social workers, healthcare personnel, and others the opportunity to hear university researchers speak on various subjects. These topics ranged from the effects of bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents on mental and physical health to solving bed bug and cockroach problems in multi-unit structures. If you missed this year’s meeting and would like to stay up-to-date on future events, visit Upcoming Events – Entomology & Plant Pathology ( Other training opportunities for household and structural pest management professionals offered by the UT Entomology &

people standing in the field at the Tobacco, Beef, & More Field Day

2022 Tobacco, Beef, & More Field Day

    On June 30, the Highland Rim AgResearch and Education Center hosted the Tobacco, Beef, & More Field Day. The event brought together beef and tobacco producers to learn more about current research in their respective fields. Taylor Miller, a master’s student with a concentration in plant pathology, and her advisor, Dr. Zach Hansen, attended the event along with other colleagues. To view more photos from the event, visit Entomology & Plant Pathology (@utia.epp) • Instagram photos and videos.  

finger pointing to honey bees on a frame

Jennifer Tsuruda Attends the 2022 Organic Farming and Gardening Field Day

    On April 28th, the 2022 Organic Farming and Gardening Field Day event was held at the East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center (ETREC) Organic Crops Unit. UT faculty and staff, as well as other experienced personnel, gave presentations to the public on a variety of topics, ranging from alley cropping agroforestry for vegetable production to creating pollinator habitats in gardens. EPP Assistant Professor and Extension Apiculture Specialist Dr. Jennifer Tsuruda, one of the featured speakers at the event, engaged the participants with her pollinator jokes while informing them about science-based information to help create pollinator habits in their home gardens and farms. The importance of site preparation and the need for research on the nutritional value of different

A honey bee on the MBP apiary sign

Registration is Now Open For The 2022 TN Master Beekeeping Program Classes

    Registration is now open for the 2022 TN Master Beekeeping Program classes! Whether you are thinking about becoming a beekeeper or have been keeping bees for years, there is always new research-based information to learn. Please join us and help the bees by increasing your education to improve your beekeeping operation and decrease your losses. More information can be found here: Due to the level of interest, please be patient when trying to register.

a photo of two pieces of Dr. Alan Windham's ornamental disease collection on display

Alan Windham’s End of the Road World Tour

    For many years, Dr. Alan Windham has provided leadership for educational programs in diseases affecting ornamental plants. Recently, Windham traveled to Knoxville to display his extensive ornamental disease collection to students enrolled in EPP 410, Diseases and Insects of Ornamental Plants. Other students, staff, and faculty that were interested in viewing his collection were also invited. His colleague, Dr. Mark Windham, stated that the “collection is without peer in North America, perhaps the word”. As this was the last time he would be setting up his display for the class, students were appreciative of the opportunity to view such a huge collection.