Portrait of Rufus Akinrinlola

Rufus Akinrinlola Shares Hemp Research with the Cannabis Cultivation & Science Podcast

Ph.D. Candidate Rufus Akinrinlola, whose concentration is in Sustainable Diseases and Integrated Pest Management, was a recent guest on “Cannabis Cultivation & Science”, a KIS Organics’ podcast. This podcast is hosted by Tad Hussey, owner of KIS Organics – a business organization that offers organic farming supplies, natural pesticides, and more. During the podcast, Rufus discussed his research on hemp and recent publication with his mentor, Assistance Professor and Extension Specialist Dr. Zach Hansen, titled “Hemp Fungicide Efficacy Field Trial for Leaf Spot and Powdery Mild”. In recent years, the production of hemp has increased in Tennessee. Rufus stated this increase, as well as his interest in researching biological and organic pesticides, were the primary reasons for conducting a field

Portrait of Katy Smith

Recent Article: Costs of Horn Fly (Diptera: Muscidae) Control for Cow-calf Producers in Tennessee and Texas, 2016

Ph.D. student Katy Smith and Associate Professor Dr. Trout Fryxell collaborated with the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics and recently published an article titled “Costs of Horn Fly (Diptera: Muscidae) Control for Cow-calf Producers in Tennessee and Texas, 2016” in the Journal of Economic Entomology. Horn flies (Haematobia irritans (L.)) are a common pests of livestock as they feed on the blood of their host 20 to 40 times per day. This article details the economic impact of managing this pest in both Southern states. To read the full article and find out more please visit here.